Westwood F65 4Trac

Westwood F60 4Trac

A Westwood tractor with the added benefit of four-wheel drive

Westwood tractors are renowned for their cutting and collecting performance on formal lawns. Many British gardens feature slopes or areas where the terrain is uneven or prone to getting water logged. In such circumstances, the F65-4WD excels.

Refined, lightweight steering and a tight turning circle enables the F65-4WD garden tractor to manoeuvre around obstacles with ease.

Featuring 4TRAC technology, the F65-4WD uses Dynamic Traction Control to sense where grip is required and apply the right amount of drive to the wheels.

Tractor with 42″ Cutter Deck and Collector £7,924.00 inc vat

Tractor with 36″ High Grass Mulching Cutter Deck and Collector £8,174.00 inc vat

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