Stihl MS 180

A 1.4 kW petrol chainsaw for cutting firewood and property maintenance.

This compact chainsaw is ideal for general garden maintenance and is supplied with a 14 inch / 35 cm bar.

Efficient & powerful performance

The MS 180 uses STIHL’s 2-MIX engine with 1-in-4 channel technology, featuring high torque over a wide speed range. This is backed up by an advanced combustion system, both of which result in significant fuel savings and excellent performance compared to standard models. A compensator in the carburettor prevents the fuel-air mixture getting richer once the air filter starts to clog, keeping the ratio and the engine’s power constant.

Simple, comfortable operation

With a light and balanced design, the MS 180 is comfortable to hold and use. An anti-vibration system further helps in this regard, dampening oscillations from the engine to significantly reduce vibrations at the handle. This means you can use the tool for longer without fatigue. All of the unit’s important operating functions (such as start, choke, the throttle and stop) are controlled using a single lever, and the tensioning screw is located on the side of the mcahine, removing the need for contact with the sharp saw chain.

RRP £280.00 inc vat

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