Stihl MM 56 Multi-Engine

A versatile and powerful multi-tool system.

Whether you want to clean surfaces, aerate your lawn, or prepare soil for planting, the MM 56 MultiEngine provides the power for all STIHL MultiTool attachments

Convenient & easy to use

The MM 56 folds down quickly and easily, even with an attachment connected. No additional tools are required and this makes the MultiSystem convenient to carry, transport and store. All of the engine controls are located on the multi-function handle, which means your hand never has to leave it. A manual fuel pump reduces the number of starting pulls required following extended breaks in operation.

Robust & intelligent design

The multi-functional gear box can be easily changed from forward to reverse, while a shielded spark plug cover integrated into the housing helps to protect the motor against damage. It uses STIHL’s 2-MIX engine technology, with 1-in-4 channel technology giving a high torque over a wide speed range, along with up to 20 percent fuel savings compared to standard two-stroke engines, and exhaust emissions reduced by up to 50 percent.

A whole array of attachments

You can choose from STIHL’s extensive selection of MultiTools, including pick tine, bolo tine, edge trimmer, aerator, dethatcher, power sweep and bristle brush, as well as a cultivator depth blade and weight kit to improve performance. As this product is the engine only, you will need at least one MultiTool in order to use the machine.

RRP £559.00 inc vat

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