Stihl KMA 130 R Battery Engine

A powerful cordless KombiEngine with over 14 attachments to choose from

The KMA 130 R is the lightest KombiEngine in the range at just 3.2 kg as well as being high performance; it utilises STIHL’s backpack battery system for reduced tool weight and fatigue, which is especially beneficial to the professional user. From STIHL’s KombiTool system, this listing is for the unit only however an attachment is required. There are many different attachments to choose from which can be simply attached and removed, including brushcutters, edge trimmers, and a blower, as well as extension poles.

Efficient and safe operation in ensured

The operating handle regulates the speed of the motor for an efficient performance which extends battery life, and the loop handle gives additional control whilst also aiding manoeuverability in tighter spaces. A self-resetting locking lever ensures the machine isn’t accidentally started. A shoulder harness is included with the engine unit to help maintain balance and facilitate comfortable use.

Battery power has numerous benefits

STIHL’s brushless electric motor provides energy efficiency and has no service requirements. The entire unit operates quietly with few vibrations for a pleasant user experience, and also allows for comfortable use in noise-sensitive areas. Compared to a petrol model, this battery unit emits zero harmful emissions which further benefits the user and the environment.

The set contains everything you need to get going

The KMA 130 R is part of STIHL’s AP Battery System, which can be powered by an AP battery when used in conjunction with the battery belt or carrying system, with a connecting cable. However this set includes the AR 1000 battery which better maintains machine balance, plus an AL 500 quick charger. Working times depend on the tool used but you can generally expect up to 125 minutes, and the AL 500 charger will have the battery at full capacity in the quickest possible time of 120 minutes.

RRP £336.00 inc vat (Shell only)

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