Stihl KM 94 RC-E Engine

A KombiEngine for gardeners and professionals alike.

This unit is packed full of features to make dealing with those everyday garden chores simple. As this is an engine unit only, you will need to purchase at least one KombiTool in order to use the system.

Comfortable control

The KM 94 RC-E is a loop-handled machine, which makes it excel when used in confined spaces or while performing precise, close work. It is a lightweight unit, weighing just 4 kg (excluding fuel and tool), helping to make it easy to handle, while anti-vibration technology works to dampen the engine oscillations and so reduce any vibrations at the handle.

Simple to start & operate

ErgoStart is a genuine advance in easy starting from STIHL, cutting the effort needed to start the tool by half, while the starter cord takes just a third of the normal force to pull. The starting process in general has been simplified, and a manual fuel pump and electronic ignition module help to make this machine superbly easy to get running. STIHL’s ECOSPEED system allows for simple adjustment of engine speed using the handle, giving you unprecedented control of your power levels. 

Your starting point for STIHL’s KombiSystem

Once you have the engine unit, you are able to choose from the full range of STIHL KombiTools, including accessories such as a floor sweeper, blower, pick tines and brushcutter. The vast majority of the garden chores you can think of will be catered for by STIHL’s impressive KombiSystem. As this unit uses a quick-release coupling system, tools a can be quickly and easily swapped, while the machine itself (being a split-shaft design), is easy to store and transport.

RRP £432.00 inc vat

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