Stihl KM 111 R Engine

An ideal machine for landscapers & property maintenance personnel.

STIHL’s KM 111 R is part of the new generation of KombiEngines, with the latest 4-MIX engine technology and packed with clever features.

A powerful & efficient successor to the KM 100 R

With all the key features of the previous model (KM 100 R), this machine benefits in particular from an updated 4-MIX engine. This runs on a fuel-oil mix just like a 2-stroke machine, giving you the advantages without the compromises of 4-stroke power. You can expect fast acceleration, high power, increased torque, less noise, lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency compared to a non 4-MIX equivalent, allowing you to work more quickly, quietly and easily.

Easy starting for simpler operation

Thanks to a manual fuel pump, starting your KM 111 R is easier, with a press of the pump ensuring fewer strokes are necessary to start the tool. Less force on the starter rope is needed courtesy of a decompression valve, while the machine is also simple to restart, with the stop switch automatically reverting back to the start position. The multi-function handle keeps all the engine controls in one place, so you can use them with just one hand.

A comfortable & versatile machine

This is a loop-handled device, which makes it great for areas where space is limited, such as thinning between bushes and shrubs. As part of STIHL’s KombiSystem range, it is compatible with twelve attachments, including a blower, hedge trimmer, brushcutter, pole pruner and bristle brush, for superbly versatile working. The attachments are easy to fit thanks to a quick-release coupling system.

RRP £624.00 inc vat

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