Stihl FS 50 C-E

Stihl FS 50 C-E Petrol Brush Cutter

Simple to start and perfectly balanced light brushcutter with ErgoStart (E)

We love the Stihl brand – German engineering at its best, some might say. If you’re looking for a machine to give you the edge over your gardening then this just might be the machine for you. Designed to work hard and make your overall experience easier, this great Stihl FS 50 C-E petrol brush cutter could really make a difference in your garden. This brush cutter is hard working – but surprisingly still the lightest machine in its class.

If you compare this machine to the standard FS 50 you will see that this model, the FS 50 C-E features ergo-start. This will really make a difference on those damp or cold mornings when you just want to get started. The amount of force you need to pull on the start-up cord has been decreased considerably, so starting up should be a lot more manageable and trouble free.

Another way the Stihl FS 50 C-E differs from the FS 50 is that the upgraded recoil-start engine (27.2 cm³ / 0.8kW / 1.1bhp) is more fuel efficient, so that’s a plus for your pocket and the environment. The engine incorporates Stihl’s advanced Stratified-Charge technology, meaning the fuel is used more economically, which means this is better for emissions and better for your budget. In fact, the fuel consumption has been reduced by about 20% which is quite considerable considering the power this machine delivers.

This grass trimmer from Stihl features an ergonomic multi-function grip that will make using this machine more comfortable than ever. It will allow increased manoeuvrability when you are strimming around objects and up against borders and fences. The loop handle is another clever design feature – increasing user comfort. The bent shaft and loop handle work well together to give you plenty of control and comfort as you work.

This Stihl FS 50 C-E grass trimmer is suitable in all domestic gardening situations. Not only will you be able to tackle those big jobs – you’ll be able to tackle them quicker and easier than ever before. Despite its low weight the fuel tank offers a generous capacity and the “Tap’n’Go” line-head is a much simpler and quicker system for reeling out new cord as and when needed.

If you’re got more than your average domestic garden to tackle then there is always the Triple-blade Polycut head available – this will soon bring that heavier undergrowth under control. But if you’re just tackling normal garden growth then the bump-feed trimmer head should do the job with no issues at all.

RRP £269.00 inc vat

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