Stihl FS40 Grass Trimmer

Stihl FS 38 Petrol Grass Trimmer

Light and easy to use 0.65kW-Grass trimmer

This Stihl FS 38 grass trimmer offers you great value for money and is a handy tool in your never ending quest to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. The loop handle is comfortable to work with and ensures you can work efficiently and remain fully in control of your trimmer as you work in your garden. Aimed at the domestic gardener, this Stihl FS 38 grass trimmer is lightweight and easy to operate.

The bent shaft ensures you can get into those more awkward areas with ease and reduces the strain on your arms. You can trim along walls, under trees and along your borders with the greatest of ease. This Stihl FS 38 grass trimmer is the lightest from the Stihl range, meaning it is easy to work with, even if you are faced with a big job.

Fitted with a Stihl 2-stroke engine this grass trimmer can tackle grass edges and ensures your garden will look neat and tidy in no time at all. This Stihl FS 38 grass trimmer is extremely versatile and comes with the Autocut head as standard but if needed can also be fitted with a Polycut head for thinning work and larger weeds.

RRP £239.00 inc vat

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