Calor gas red

3.9kg               £23.00 inc vat 
6kg                  £31.00 inc vat 
6kg Lite           £29.00 inc vat
12kg (auto)      £35.00 inc vat
13kg                 £43.00 inc vat
18kg (auto)      £47.00 inc vat
19kg                 £61.00 inc vat
47kg                 £90.00 inc vat

Cylinder Hire Charge
Up to 15kg  £40.00 inc vat 

19kg Propane, 47kg  Propane  £60.00 inc vat

There is a shortage on cylinders and apart from the 5kg Patio we can on exchange cylinders as we can not issue new ones at the moment

We have in stock most of the time 
7kg and 15kg Butane
6kg and 13kg Propane
6kg and 13kg Patio
19kg Propane 

All other sizes can be ordered in if required.
Due to the size of the cylinder, we only keep one 19kg in stock.
To order Gas or to check if we have the right cylinder in stock, please get in touch.

For more information about this product or to check availability

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