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Allett Buckingham 24H Petrol Cylinder Mower

Buckingham machine

The Buckingham 24H is a robust machine, ideal for use on formal lawns, parks and gardens, and even cemeteries and other ornamental grass. The high quality finish required when tending to these kinds of lawns is assured in the case of the 24H due to the presence of a precision engineered six-blade cutting cylinder, which delivers up to 73 cuts per minute. The scissor-like cutting action produced by this system offers a cleaner cut, allowing the grass to heal more quickly and promoting healthy lawn growth. The 24H is further enhanced by variable micro-cutting height adjustment, with cutting heights ranging from 5mm-35mm, allowing you to adjust the cutting height to suit the conditions of your lawn. As well as the cutting cylinder, the Buckingham 24H’s impressive 196cc Honda unleaded petrol engine also powers the double section steel rear roller, which drives the machine forward whilst producing a crisp and iconic stripe effect on the lawn in its wake.

£4048.00 inc vat

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