Shredders & Chainsaws

An orange chainsaw on a tree trunk in front of a pile of logs

Andrews Of Hindhead for chainsaws and shredders

A green and white wood shredder

Have wood that needs shredding? We've got you covered

When you want to shred all of the wood you having lying around, we know that you will want nothing but the very best shredder. You might want to shred wood for other use, or to make it easier for you to dispose of. In any case, we have the shredders that are well suited for the job. Our professional experts are on hand at all times to talk you through our wide range of models, so then you can find the right shredder you are looking for. Whether you have a large or small amount of wood to shred, we have what you need.

Looking for a chainsaw you can rely on?

We know that when a job requires a chainsaw, you will want nothing but the very best that money can buy. That is why we stock a wide variety of different chainsaws, all of which are the latest of the top of the range models and are available in various sizes.
A chainsaw
A leaf blower being used on a lawn strewn with Autumn leaves

Top of the range shredders chainsaws blowers and billy goat

•  The latest shredder models
•  A wide range of chainsaws
•  Experts to help you at all times
•  A reliable service
•  For more information please call 01428 605 544 now or click here to see our full range of products.
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